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The xs/fs Research Group consists of a diverse group of scholars at Florida State University who use experimental methods to engage in research on a wide range of topics in the Social Sciences.

Working Papers

Current as of 2/5/2010

Serra, Danila, Serneel, P. and A. Barr. Intrinsic motivations and the non-profit health sector: Evidence from Ethiopia.

Cooper, David & Krista Jabs Saral. Entrepreneurship and Team Participation: An Experimental Study.

Cooper, David & Carol Karker. The Formation of Social Preferences: An Experimental Study.

Cooper, David & Mari Rege. Social Interaction Effects and Choice Under Uncertainty: An Experimental Study.

Cooper, David & Glenn Dutcher. The Dynamics of Responder Behavior in Ultimatum Games: A Meta-study.

Isaac, R. Mark, Svetlana Pevnitskaya, & Kurt Schnier. Bidder Behavior in Sealed Bid Auctions Where the Number of Bidders is Unknown.

Großer, Jens & E. Rueben. Redistributive Politics and Market Efficiency: An Experimental Study.

Großer, Jens & T. Giertz. Candidates, Voters, and Endogenous Group Formation: An Experimental Study.

Großer, Jens. Should I Organize the Conference? Cut-point Belief Reciprocity in an Experimental Public Goods Game with Alternating, Single Decision Makers.

Lightle, John. The Paternalistic Bias of Expert Advice.

Mark Isaac, R. Mark, Douglas Norton, & John Lightle. Warm Glow Revenues and Endogenous Price Discrimination.

Serra, Danila. Combining top-down and bottom-up accountability: Evidence from a bribery game.

Barr, A & Danila Serra. Corruption and Culture: An experimental investigation.

Coleman, Eric. Common Property Endowments in the Trust Game: Experimental Evidence from Bulgaria.

Basurto, Xavier and Eric Coleman. The Role of Ecological Factors for the Emergence and Sustainability of Collective Action in Artisanal Fisheries.

Coleman, Eric. The Effects of Trust in Administrative Institutions on Interpersonal Trust in Four Post-Communist Countries.

Coleman, Eric, Burnell Fischer, and John Kershaw. Using Stocking Guides to Take Stock of Forest Institutions.

Claudia-Lopez, Maria and Eric Coleman. Reconstructing Cooperation from Civil Conflict: Experimental Evidence from Colombian Development Policy.

Coleman, Eric A., Forrest Fleischman, and Jacqueline Bauer. Forest Decentralization and Local Institutional Change in Bolivia, Kenya, Mexico and Uganda.

Ryvkin, Dmitry. Fatigue in Dynamic Tournaments.

Pevnitskaya, Svetlana & Ryvkin, Dmitry. Rewards and Punishments in Bargaining.

Norton, Douglas & R. Mark Isaac. Endogenous Institutions, Reverse Crowding Out, and the Possibility of Grace.

Norton, Douglas & R. Mark Isaac. Endogenous Production Technology in a Public Goods Enterprise.

Salmon, Tim & Roberto Weber. Maintaining Efficiency While Integrating Entrants From Lower-Performing Environments: An Experimental Study.

Ku, Hyejin & Tim Salmon. Incentive Effects of Inequality and Economic Development.

Ivanova-Stenzel, Radosveta & Tim Salmon. The High/Low Divide: Self-Selection by Values in Auction Choice.

Prasad, Kislaya & Tim Salmon. Self-Selection and Market Power in Risk Sharing Contracts.

Ahn, T.K., Mark Isaac, & Tim Salmon. Rent Seeking in Groups.

Barrilleaux, Charles, Justin Esarey, & Tim Salmon. Social Insurance and Income Redistribution in a Laboratory Experiment.

Barrilleaux, Charles, Justin Esarey, & Tim Salmon. What Motivates Political Preferences? Self-Interest, Ideology, and Fairness in a Laboratory Democracy.

Prior Listings

Salmon, Timothy C. & Bart Wilson. Second Chance Offers vs. Sequential Auctions: Theory and Behavior.

Palfrey, Thomas & Svetlana Pevnitskaya. Endogenous Entry and Self-selection in Private Value Auctions: An Experimental Study.

Esarey, Justin, Timothy C. Salmon & Charles Barrilleaux. What Motivates Political Preferences? Self-Interest, Ideology, and Fairness in a Laboratory Democracy, March 2006.

Ahn, T.K., Elinor Ostrom, & James M. Walker. Heterogeneous Preferences and Collective Action.

Ivanova-Stenzel, Radosveta & Timothy C. Salmon. Revenue Equivalence Revisited, February 2006.

Kagel, John, Svetlana Pevnitskaya & Lixin Ye. "Survival Auctions", 2006.

Ahn, T.K., Mark Isaac & Timothy C. Salmon. Endogenous Group Formation, February 2006.

Ahn, T.K., Justin Esarey, & John Scholz. Networks and Cooperation: An Experimental Study of Reputation and Strategy Selction.

Karni, Edi, Timothy C. Salmon & Barry Sopher. Individual Sense of Justice: An Experimental Analysis, March 2006.

Ivanova-Stenzel, Radosveta & Timothy C. Salmon. Loss Aversion and 'Clock Aversion' in Auction Choice Behavior, February 2006.